Nostalgia, Reflection, Growth. (Making the same Mistakes)

Nostalgia, Reflection, Growth. (Making the same Mistakes)

This is starting to become a part of who I am. Looking back is a part of learning and growing and moving forward. I thank God every day for the past though, and lessons learned, and for the chances we get to not make the same mistakes. I’m truly grateful for the time we get to experience and mature, and it’s inevitable we all got to grow up sometime.

I knew I was growing up when I realized that the same patterns in my actions will yield the same results. And when I realized this, my life started to actually yield the results I wanted.

Results are what we want, but repetition is so easy and so comfortable, and a majority of the time it gets us nowhere. It just leads us down the same road of frustration and disappointment. I didn’t start getting somewhere until I decided to start taking some chances, dip my toe in, get my feet wet. Move to a different city, take a different job, be spontaneous. I spend a lot of time consulting with other people about what’s in my own heart. How can you even do that? A part of growing up is trusting your own gut, judging yourself off of what you’ve done in the past to know your own capabilities and what you can accomplish.


I think that a lot of the time the ones closest to us can also be the ones who could ultimately hold us back the most. They just know your mistakes. You also know your mistakes, and you know what you should, would, and could do. But there comes a time where we have to break free from our old habits and repetitive, negative actions.

It’s a simple formula really:


  Think Back (what was the situation)


 Think About It (what did you learn from this, what could I do different)


 Move Forward (don’t make the same mistake).


“…Repition is so easy and so comfortable, and a majority of the time it leads us nowhere.”

Know yourself, don’t let your old self get in the way of who you’re trying to become. The seasons changing, so it’s the perfect time to embrace it. You’re better off growing.


3 thoughts on “Nostalgia, Reflection, Growth. (Making the same Mistakes)

  1. It’s so true. We can talk ourselves out of growth and others can confirm it. It’s important to learn from the past without holding onto it and letting it hinder our future. I’m one to make choices based on my intuition. I follow my heart and go with my gut 9 times out of 10. I found that when I looked outside it was for confirmation because I knew in my heart what to do but my head begged to differ with logic and reason but usually with doubt and fear. So I’ve chosen to live life courageously because I haven’t found I’ve ever been without fear but choosing to follow my heart despite it, is courageous.

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    1. You’re definitely right about that! It takes a lot of courage to just follow your heart and your gut when everyone and everything around you is trying to tell you something different. Thanks for your response, I’m glad you can relate to this!

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      1. It’s something so many people struggle with. We live in a world and society that values facts, reason, and proof but some of the most amazing things come from the mystery of that uncertainty combined with that inner knowing. Thanks for stopping by so I could repay the visit ❤

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