A blogger and A Gamer, What It’s Really Like.

A blogger and A Gamer, What It’s Really Like.

I love being home, I grew into it though because I wasn’t like this as a teenager at all. Before being home felt like punishment, and my mom would always tell me that one day I’d enjoy being “bored”. It’s not even that now I enjoy being bored, it’s just that after a long day I just enjoy the peacefulness of being at home where everything is in order. It’s just a vibe at my house. The wines flowing, blunts burning, and the RnB is always playing. But then I forgot to mention the clicking. img_0429

I live with a gamer. Now, I mean if you’ve ever done this before you’d know that this is like having your mans best friend living in your living room…forever. There’s always cords and gadgets everywhere, remotes and controllers under my butt when I sit, but it’s funny though because it’s actually pretty entertaining to sit and watch. It looks so real. I forget it’s not even the TV playing when I’m watching 2k or Call of Duty. A typical day with this Xbox living in my house consists of me coming home to a bunch of click, click clicking, yelling at the TV and shit talking in the mic. I don’t even know how I manage to still think in peace! I just sit, and think and write, because I don’t even need much to do that. I’m just grateful for the headphones. I’m sure every gamer girlfriend is thankful for those gamer headphones where they can’t hear a damn thing when they play and neither can we. Thank you, Lord.

Blogging and gaming are so similar though, because in general people who do it probably like interacting with other people who just enjoy doing the same thing as them.  Gaming and blogging are communities, and at the end of the day bloggers want other bloggers to see their work, and share their stories. Gamers want other people to see them play games and talk shit to other people who think they’re better than them. I mean pretty much the same, right? What I mean is that we both want to let people into our personalities to see what we’re really like when we’re not just in our heads.

The key here is support, be with someone who supports your goals, who gets excited that you’re excited and wants get in your head and grow with you. Ultimately, if you’re going to be with someone maybe you should possibly be a little interested in what they’re into too. I mean if they’re passionate about it, it’s what’s going to keep them up at night so it’s what going to keep you up at night. When I’m woken up by all the shit talking and the clicking in the live stream, I just tell myself that this is what makes us happy and what probably brought us together. Every now and then, I’ll hop in the stream to see who’s in the chat and what everybody’s talking about just as I’m sure my guy reads my blogs.

This is us though, not too often you find someone who vibes the same way you do. So when you do, take some time out to show your girl or guy that you care. I watch his live stream while he reads my blog, that’s an A for sheer love and support!



6 thoughts on “A blogger and A Gamer, What It’s Really Like.

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, that’s great! I’m sad my boy doesn’t blog and I don’t game much now adays, but its a great way for you two to bond and I’m sure it’s a nice feeling knowing that you have each other’s support. I’ll stop by to check out your blog, you both have a great day!

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  1. LOL. This made me laugh and smile so much, the relatability (not a word) is REAL. I don’t live with my boyfriend, but we both are gamers and artists. I’m not real sure if he reads my blogs though bahaha.

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