Shh, I’m trying to Read!

Shh, I’m trying to Read!

So I guess I’m taking my own advice when I say that I’m finally getting back into reading! If you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts, you’d know that reading was one thing I mentioned as a part of protecting your vibe and doing things that you enjoy in order to preserve your peace. ( I’m currently reading In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware, and I must say that it’s really good so far if you’re into some suspense and mystery while you read and the tone is really light and relatable for me.

Ruth Ware’s In A Dark, Dark Wood.

I’m excited, because I’ve always loved to read ever since I was young, but it has been pretty hard to read for pleasure during the past few years. Partially because I never really had time to read while I was in school, while I was also working part time. But more so because I feel like I was going through a stage where I was trying to get out of reading young adult Fiction and more into some books and authors more appropriate for my age. I used to love to read Sarah Desson, they were young and sappy and comforting  for me, but now I just have a yearning for something more complex to keep me entertained, or else it’s just like watching a boring movie.

This I how I know that I’m really getting back to my old self, because this is like typical old me: always with my nose in a book. I don’t know, reading for me is just like the ultimate relaxation, it gives me alone time and quiet time for myself. The real fun in it is just getting lost in the words and in getting lost in your own imagination while wondering if the way you’re imagining the characters is how they actually are.

Hmm, what’s on your reading list? I’d love some new authors to get into. Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Shh, I’m trying to Read!

  1. Some of my favorite US writers are actually from Newark: Philip Roth and Paul Auster. Seems that Newark is a fertile ground for a career in literature. You should read Nemesis by Roth, it is a wonderful book, and tells a lot about the sources of racism, dogmatism and how this is often paired with irrational, superstitious ideas. Books like this one make me believe that the current politics of hate and lies are shortliving, and humanism and tolerance will be stronger at the end.

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    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Thanks for suggestions on some good reads, I always like finding new authors. Wow, is this Newark, NJ or Newark, DE? Either way, I never pictured either city as being a place for a career in literature, so that’s interesting. I’m normally into fiction and hopeless romantic love stories, but I’m going to look into those authors and see how I like them lol! I love the chance to expand my mind. Anyway, thank you, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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