A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

Hmm, being around people with similar backgrounds and situations always made me feel secure like they can understand what I’m going through. Like for example, working in restaurants was perfect for me in college because everybody there is stressed out, classes pissing us off, guests pissing us off, and bills on a timer just pissing us off! You share the same drive so you’re willing to give up your shift when you’re good and you’re always secretly rooting for them to make what they need by the end of the night. I’ve made some of my best friends being around them, struggling together, growing together and getting to know their stories.

Friendship was always so important to me though, and now I’m not even sure what my definition even means in a sense. Being an ear, a shoulder, a ventilation system, being reciprocal. Sharing a bond of mutual affection.

Sometimes I feel like friendship can ruin you. If you let it, (I guess) when all of those things are lacking for you. You begin to doubt your own judgment of people. I don’t know, I guess it has to be mutual so it’s normal in life when you grow up to grow apart from people and it’s weird because, how can grow up with a person and then grow apart from them? Seeing them grow made you excited and you used to look back at each other and see how far you’ve come. You think you’re always going to be around for everything life changing and then one day they no longer know anything about you. Rekindling seems pointless and the pain it leaves stings when you remember that one crazy time you laughed so hard together.

I mean aside from your siblings, and way aside from your parents, they’re the ones who know you the best. They listen, don’tnever judge, and somehow make everything alright, so how is it that they can become your family and then they just disappear into the past? One day you’re so similar then next thing you’re not. I guess the keyword really does have to be mutual. Whatcha think?



4 thoughts on “Woes.

  1. There are good friends that sticks closer to us than even our own siblings. To have a friend, one must be willing to be a good friend too. We attract what we display. You are a lovely person and I’m pretty sure, the right ones will find you if you stand tall even if it means standing alone.
    Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

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