Check it Off.

Check it Off.

The New Year is here, but it seems like no matter how hard you tried to leave the stresses of 2017 behind they’re still lurking in the background, trying to make way. Don’t be dismayed, He said that this year wasn’t going to roll in stress free, its all in season in preparation for something great. Yes, it is true that life can get overwhelming at times and some days you feel like giving up. You get your day started early to leave work with a full day to spend, and yet it still seems like there’s so much to do and so little time. But it’s 2018, which means its time to do things a little bit differently!

Time to make a list and check it off!


If you’re anything like me, the mere thought of doing multiple things after work gives me anxiety. Its like as soon as I think I’ve figured out what all I need to do, something else pops up! I recently started to make a daily “to do” list, and its helping me take a step back and put my day back into perspective. I lay it all out. I write out the phone calls, emails, errands, goals and organize them by what I can get done easiest to most annoying. Then once I’ve completed one, I check it off! You’d be surprised how much a little check mark can ease your mind and get you back on track, while also realizing that you didn’t have that much to do anyway! It’s all in your mind.

It gets harder in the winter months, as this weather can get you down. The days are short and the breeze feels so rigid and cold. The trees sway barren and the frost is just too much to bare. You’ll find that its all short lived. The seasons pass, the sun comes out, the grass gets greener and the flowers bloom from the barren branches. You have to take the toughest seasons day by day and check off one thing at a time!


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