We’ve got time.

We’ve got time.

Have you ever got lost in time? It’s possible.

Ahh, the idea of time is so relative. I mean, you really could just fly around the world and be back to 6 o’clock in the evening in no time right? Sometimes it feels like the day is just flying by and other times it feels like the we’re moving in slow motion. Shouldn’t we all be free enough to move at the pace we desire, to do everything we’ve ever wanted?

I used to have an annoying habit of constantly checking the time, convincing myself that I didn’t have time to do this or that. Using that same excuse that I can’t do this, because I have to work later or whatever the case may be. Hmm, there’s a song I like by Sabrina Claudio, she says we’ve got time to grow, to think, breathe ..the air we need.

And we do!

The world will have us rushing around thinking that we need to eat at this time, sleep by this time. It’ll have us watching the clock all day long instead of actually doing anything at all, when the time for absolutely everything is now 💋

4 thoughts on “We’ve got time.

  1. Live in the moments not in the times. We. Have to live in the moments of life stop to see amd live life not timing it not being set by a time table i like wasting time looking at flowers sitting on a bench watching people.

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