It feels good to be back on my shit.

Sorry, but it does.

I feel like this summer was for healing. As soon as I started breathing again, all I did was blink and the season is gone. I can’t believe fall is creeping up already, but I’m ready.

I’ve always loved fall, to me its like the season of transformation. For years it signified a new year, with school back in session and a fresh semester to get back on it and exceed last years expectations. Maybe that’s what I needed.

Nicole told me she missed the old me, the me that was happy and smiling and grinding.

Well I missed the old me too.

Despite all the set backs, stress and conflicting opinions of some, I’m going back to school. I’m going back to school, because I honestly never wanted to go to a 4 year college in the first place. I wanted to go to trade school, because I’m a creative and I like to learn with my hands and express myself through art. I’m not trying to waste years working for someone else, climbing the corporate ladder, constantly missing steps and falling on the way up.

Of course when I said it back then, no one thought it was a practical idea and everyone said I should go to business school. And not that I didn’t learn anything valuable in college, but trades are underrated. If there’s one thing you can take with you anywhere it’s a trade, and job placement with a trade in this market, where everyone has a degree seems a lot higher than with a Bachelors at this point. So hey, I made it happen.

My Aunt Sharon told me that I’ve always been quiet, then explosive and that she knew one day I would explode into greatness and there’d be no stopping me. Oooh, I got that ambition stress again, and I know because its getting hard to sit still. I’m busy taking every chance and opportunity that comes my way. If you know me, you know that that means I’m back. Once I get focused its hard to stop me, because I’ll do whatever it takes. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Silently doing everything that I said I would. So stay tuned, this season is my redemption.💋



2 thoughts on “Redemption.

  1. Probably a good choice, to further develop the skills where you see your talent. I agree that trades are underrated, or that college and university degrees are overrated, although life long learning is essential for everybody. But university education to often misses the practical skills. It aims to make leaders out of everybody, even though many people should first learn how to guide themself. In this sense, with a properly learned trade (or handicraft) one can be much more confident of ones own talent. regards, michael

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    1. Hey Michael!

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts about this. I agree that we should first learn to guide ourselves before we can lead others, that makes sense.

      I’ve got a plan, stay tuned!

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