I’ve always loved books. There’s something captivating about reading, and the enjoyment of using words to create a picture in your mind. I bet the picture is painted differently in someone else’s mind. I mean probably, but I think a great writer has the ability to stylistically create the same picture in everyone’s mind.

But we’ll never really know what’s going on in the minds of others, they be on a different page.

I was talking to one of my coworkers about books today and to my surprise she mentioned something to me that troubled me lately about books also. She said it’s hard to find books at this age that she can actually read because her mind evolved and now she can easily see through books that are cheesy and fake.

Isn’t it the same with people? Like how some friends you just outgrew or they outgrew you first. I feel like its normal, because yes along with growth in life situation comes  growth of your mind and your thinking. I read in a blog I think, that there’s no way to expand your mind if your thinking goes only as far as your association. And that’s true, because how would we make room to grow without outgrowing certain mindsets or without moving forward from a stagnant level of thinking? Gotta think outside your box.

Gotta find new books that stimulate your mind, I mean you could find new people too, but books are better. 💋

4 thoughts on “Elevate.

  1. Well, I think that there is really an inflation nowadays of cheap literature. Obscure writers, who for some reason publish + 5 “novels” per year (usually on thick paper), and pretend they are working on an entire saga (????). You are right, that it becomes more and more difficult to find really good books among all the rubbish that is announced on Amazon and is flooding the book store displays.

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      1. Hi Reminissy, Philip Roth and Paul Auster, both from your hometown Newark are still my favorites. And I am always waiting desperately for a new novel by Salmon Rushdie. A young writer, who I hope will be a sort of adequate heir of Roth after his death, is the young Gary Shteyngart (“Super Sad True Love Story” and others). And a few years ago a real marvel was discovered in archives: a 20th century Russian emigrant in Paris: Gaito Gasdanow (“An Evening with Claire” and “The Spectre of Alexander Wolf”). He writes in a tentalizing, classical modern style, with a lot of self-reflections and melancholy. I don’t know what is available in the US these days, but most of his novels were at least translated.
        best regards, seeing forward to hear what your current favorites.

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      2. Hi Reminissy, Just to complete the list from below of authors I like (which, sorry, might look pretty male dominated): I also read everything by Zeruya Shalev, from Israel . She very well merges personal reflections with psychology and political themes. And I was currently surprised to hear that a very gifted US writer, Nell Zink, recently settled in an East-German small town, Bad Belzig, where she writes very intelligent books (https://brokenradius.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/nell-zink_s-improbable-literary-fame-_-the-new-yorker.pdf). I have just ordered her recent “Nicotine”, and hopefully will find some quiet moments during summer vacations to dive into it.
        best regards, Micha

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