Choose Your Vibe.

Choose Your Vibe.

Wow, it’s New Years already! I never realized how much could actually change in a year’s time. There’s been so many ups and downs, and tears and lows but, even in the worse situations these circumstances are only short lived, and the blessings reaped from the struggles make all the pain worth it. I haven’t been myself for a really long time, some years actually, but I feel myself slowly getting back to the old me. For the first time I finally feel like I can smile more, laugh more genuinely. My spirit is just so uplifted and this year I just want to hold on to it.

Now I normally do not make New Year’s resolutions, just because, but this year I just want to focus on my vibe and my inner peace. Here are 6 ways I feel like you can protect your vibe.


Protect your vibe.

Demand your Respect. Don’t allow people to talk to you any kind of way, stand up for yourself. People will only get away with as much as you will allow, and they will walk all over you if they get the chance. Set the tone, demand your respect.

Say whats on your heart. It is important to choose your battles, but you should express whats on your mind freely and speak your truth when the time is relevant. Holding on to bad energy will burden you, and eat you alive. Communication should be your way to release your burdens and free yourself.

Make time for yourself.  Loving yourself and learning yourself is so important. You have to take a step back from your own world, where you will get consumed in doing things for those that you care about. Why not take some you time and go get a pedicure, get your hair done, read a good book. You deserve it!

Let go. You cannot receive your blessings when you hold on to those that are hindering you. Whether it be friends or family, it can be the ones closest to us that will hurt us, stress us out, and hold us back. It’s not being selfish for wanting to distance yourself from people who just aren’t good for your well-being overall.

Be yourself. The best feeling is being comfortable in your own skin. When you don’t have to hide your true self, your interests, your wants, your needs, your goals, your aspirations. It’s selfish and takes too much energy trying to change yourself for other people, so why would you?

Pray. Make time, because God is always on time. Always.

Don’t settle for less than what you deserve in life. You should have standards that are going to reflect you as an individual. At the end of the day you don’t want people or things around you who are ruining you and draining your energy. You choose your vibe, so you must protect it at all times!



Blogmas Day 4: Keep Up the Momentum.

Blogmas Day 4: Keep Up the Momentum.

Okay, so my attempt at Blogmas didn’t quite go as planned being that I only did day one so far, and it really wasn’t even Christmas related, and that’s okay I make my own rules! I digress but, I’m going to get back on it. It’s actually harder than I thought to blog every day because some days I just don’t feel inspired. Either I’m tired from my day, got sidetracked or I just don’t feel that bloggy. 

But even though we are tired, it’s said that we shouldn’t spend all day working for someone else and then come home and not work on our own dreams and aspirations. Hmm, that’s true. Of course, the pressure of life’s demands can get overwhelming at times, and it seems like there’s just not enough time to fit in what we want to do after spending so much time doing everything we have to do. Yea, everything we planned to do sounds great in our minds, but once we get around to it, our bodies are telling us something different. Lay down, get to it later. I mean, more than once a week I get up for work and I’m just like no, and I get off from work and I’m just like no, then I get home from work and I’m just like no! I don’t wanna!

We’re working towards our dream job, one that when we get it won’t actually feel like work. On the other hand, we’ve all had jobs that we don’t particularly like or what we’re doing has nothing to do with our degrees. It doesn’t make sense to us, but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. We take that job serving nights in college so we can work and go to school, we work that internship before serving for no pay so we can get that experience, we take that entry- level opportunity after school just to get our feet wet. These sacrifices enable us to save a little room to grow later.

There comes a time where we should consider the things that we aren’t satisfied with in life and find ways to change it. It’s hard because we have to learn how to use the things that we are unsatisfied with, to enable us to chase our dreams. Make the sacrifice and push yourself then keep up the momentum! Make a schedule and stick to it, set attainable goals, but don’t sell yourself short. Working on our own goals should make putting up with the things that enable us to work on our dreams worth it in the end. Because it will be worth it in the end!

I’m back on for Blogmas y’all!