Monday Motivation: It’s Not Yours

Monday Motivation: It’s Not Yours

Happy Monday everyone, let’s do it!

Don’t worry, I’ll be back with more A Seat at The Table Podcast next week. But this morning I was listening to some Yolanda Adams, and I thought this message was a good one to get your week started.

No matter what you’re going through, remember that God is only using you. For the battle is not your, it’s the Lord’s.

Amen, have a good week💋



I read this blog today from The Godly Chic Diaries and I felt like this is what I needed to hear today. Keep your faith high, it’s not over.💋

Don’t look back. Your BEST days are in front of you… I love when the Apostle Paul said that he was DOING ONE THING, forgetting what was behind and reaching for what was ahead of him. Though he had done some pretty bad things in his past, he chose to focus on the future God […]

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Monday Motivation: Stop Comparing Yourself.

Monday Motivation: Stop Comparing Yourself.

Oh hey, its Monday!

Tell me, what’s the first thing you did this morning? If it was check your phone, and do some mindless scrolling through your social media then this Monday Motivation is for you today! I’m back again with A Seat at the Table Podcast and this week’s episode focuses on social media and constant comparison of yourself to others.

This week the cast opens up about personal experiences and struggles with insecurities that social media can bring out in us. Social media has become something like an epidemic, it went from being something fun to pass time to this big competition to make money and one up everyone on life. Its ability to make you feel inferior or as if whatever you’re doing must not be right, is annoying for sure. I feel like most of the time the things we end up feeling envious about on social media aren’t even things that we personally value, but we’ve conditioned ourselves to care about.

A Seat at the Table

I see a lot of my followers doing social media cleanses, where they deactivate their accounts and take time to refocus themselves. I’m all for that, if that’s what it takes to assess the things that you find value in and bring meaning back to your life. We all have a purpose and I feel like we miss a lot of valuable moments when we’re busy trying to capture the moment. What really matters is what we’re doing when we’re present, and not posting or posing.


In the podcast they say that you do a disservice to God by dwelling on what other people have, keeping up with the Jones’ and walking in someone else’s calling. Live in the moment and stop comparing yourself to others, because you’re the one. The world needs what you have.💋

Summer Breeze.

Summer Breeze.

Its all been a whirlwind of drama I must say, everyday it still kinda hits me again. Its like a never ending wake up call about the reality of the world we live in. I feel like I’m on Trip with Jhene Aiko when she said “oblivion!”, because I swear I wish I could go back to a time where I didn’t know about any of this. But I wouldn’t change any of it, because it all lead me to this person I grew into almost overnight. My spirit has awakened and yes joy cameth in the morning for sure, and thank God it did.

Through this process, I’ve been taking a lot of me time. Everyday just a few hours of things things for myself. Taking care of me has been the most contagious, courageous thing I’ve ever done and I finally feel free of so many burdens that weren’t even my own. Silly, the worst thing you could ever do for someone is carry their burdens, its something only meant for God to do.

img_0839The days have been so beautiful. Especially today, the sun was shinning, the weather broke after the rain with the coolest breeze of the summer. Feels like an old summer night again, riding around with the windows down, with a hoody and shorts, like at the beach when the storm is finally over. Only thing missing is the stars. But even so, I can’t help but to smile. Looking back at how blessed I am and how far I’ve come. I went to work today, relaxed at the park, chilled with Ash, thought about myself, hung out with myself.

I came home, strung some lights up on the balcony, put on some Goapele and just vibed thinking about getting closer to my dreams and how the most profound journeys to greatness are nothing short of trials and pain. And the realization of how  when you put your faith in God and work on yourself, miracles happened and the rest will soon follow.

This one’s for Ash, we’re almost there💋



Daily Prompt: GRATITUDE — SoulWrite Empire’s Blog

I love this, I really feel this.

Check out SoulWrite Empire’s Blog💋

Thank you my followers and readers In you I have found an uncanny audience You have heard my silence embraced me You have heard my voice when solitude engulfed me When fear got me entrapped You gave a lifting hand And when no one heard me You gave your ears to my soul Without complains […]

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Monday Motivation: Be Encouraged

Monday Motivation: Be Encouraged

It’s Monday again, and I’m back to share another A Seat at TheTable Podcast for Motivation Monday! In this week’s episode the cast talks about the importance of encouragement and staying grateful. Be sure to click the link to this weeks episode, and to find other episodes from the cast!

A Seat at the Table

We live in a world today where people are hiding so much pain and its hard to find strength and encouragement to endure. In this episode the cast talks about how all you need is one reason to keep pushing, and maybe what it all comes down to are the things in life you have to be grateful for.

Gratitude has been one of my biggest encouragers. When I wake up in the morning I thank God for another day, for my family, my friends, my health, my car, my job, because in the words of A Seat at the Table, there is always someone praying for the things in life that you take for granted.

You may not have all the support you need around, or you’re looking to friends or family to validate your every decision. But sometimes, all you need is to look to yourself and encourage yourself. Speak life over your dreams and goals, and then speak life over someone else’s. Be that one reason someone needs to keep shinning and keep pushing, or that one person someone has to be grateful for.

Speak over yourself, encourage yourself 💋

We’ve got time.

We’ve got time.

Have you ever got lost in time? It’s possible.

Ahh, the idea of time is so relative. I mean, you really could just fly around the world and be back to 6 o’clock in the evening in no time right? Sometimes it feels like the day is just flying by and other times it feels like the we’re moving in slow motion. Shouldn’t we all be free enough to move at the pace we desire, to do everything we’ve ever wanted?

I used to have an annoying habit of constantly checking the time, convincing myself that I didn’t have time to do this or that. Using that same excuse that I can’t do this, because I have to work later or whatever the case may be. Hmm, there’s a song I like by Sabrina Claudio, she says we’ve got time to grow, to think, breathe ..the air we need.

And we do!

The world will have us rushing around thinking that we need to eat at this time, sleep by this time. It’ll have us watching the clock all day long instead of actually doing anything at all, when the time for absolutely everything is now 💋