Monday Motivation: Be Humble

Monday Motivation: Be Humble

Oh hello Monday, that you already?

I’m getting the feeling that Monday Motivation is going to come from the Word now. I don’t know,  I like the idea of starting the week off on a Holy note. I mean, why not? I got a chance to listen to an old pastor preach yesterday, and I’m glad I did because the message was definitely one that I’m sure is relatable to many.

“For the love of money is the root of all evil.”

-1Timothy 6:10

He said that a good name is more valuable than the wealth of the world, but people will do crazy things for money. He said its okay to have riches, but we should spend more time making decisions that won’t tarnish our names, challenge our ethical boundaries or damage our repuatations. When you’re gone, all that’s left of you is your name, your integrity, your character and the impact you’ve had on the world. That’s far more valuable than anything tangible.

As I reflect, many of my past and present problems arose as a result of ones ability to sacrifice everything for money and the choices of some to place the love of tangible things before God, family, and friends. Can you relate?

During your week remember in your endeavors to take with you a grateful, humble spirit and leave behind a spirit of greed and indulgence. In the end what matters is the person you are and your legacy.💋

Monday Motivation: People Who Get It

Monday Motivation: People Who Get It

Happy Monday!


One of my followers reposted this quote on Instagram and it really stuck with me because when I think about it, it’s like why wouldn’t you do that? When you place yourself among like minded people, they’re the ones who see your potential. They’re rooting for you and they want you to go harder, even when you don’t have the courage to just do it.

They’ve got that energy, you know?

Surround yourself with people who get it.💋


Monday Motivation: Stop Comparing Yourself.

Monday Motivation: Stop Comparing Yourself.

Oh hey, its Monday!

Tell me, what’s the first thing you did this morning? If it was check your phone, and do some mindless scrolling through your social media then this Monday Motivation is for you today! I’m back again with A Seat at the Table Podcast and this week’s episode focuses on social media and constant comparison of yourself to others.

This week the cast opens up about personal experiences and struggles with insecurities that social media can bring out in us. Social media has become something like an epidemic, it went from being something fun to pass time to this big competition to make money and one up everyone on life. Its ability to make you feel inferior or as if whatever you’re doing must not be right, is annoying for sure. I feel like most of the time the things we end up feeling envious about on social media aren’t even things that we personally value, but we’ve conditioned ourselves to care about.

A Seat at the Table

I see a lot of my followers doing social media cleanses, where they deactivate their accounts and take time to refocus themselves. I’m all for that, if that’s what it takes to assess the things that you find value in and bring meaning back to your life. We all have a purpose and I feel like we miss a lot of valuable moments when we’re busy trying to capture the moment. What really matters is what we’re doing when we’re present, and not posting or posing.


In the podcast they say that you do a disservice to God by dwelling on what other people have, keeping up with the Jones’ and walking in someone else’s calling. Live in the moment and stop comparing yourself to others, because you’re the one. The world needs what you have.💋